SAP2i’s experience of in electrical engineering, bolstered by 20 years of experience, is one of the company’s major areas of excellence.

At SAP2i, electrical engineering focused on water treatment is embodied by our environment division.

The division is comprised of a team of young and dynamic technicians and developers supervised by experienced staff who will be able to assist you in designing and developing all of your projects.

  • Whether for designing blueprints, diagrams or didactic documents,
  • Whether for the development of automation programs or supervision applications,
  • Whether for on-site commissioning operations, all these skills are part of SAP2i’s DNA.

Are you a community of municipalities, a metropolis, or a company, specializing in water treatment? We can help you. SAP2i will be able to advise you in the choice of solutions adapted to the physical constraints and the environment of your facility. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your project.

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