Thanks to areas such as robotics and production, we bring solutions that are perfectly tailored to your project. Bolstered by the experience acquired in a variety of industrial sectors for more than 20 years, we are able to offer you turnkey, innovative, reliable and efficient solutions that will meet your needs.

At SAP2i, we know how to advise you upstream of your project on:

  • Study and search for solutions, installation simulation, pace estimation, movement study
  • Defining budgets and calculating returns on investment
  • Drafting of specifications for development

SAP2i contributes its know-how throughout your project to:

Robotics services:

  • Offline simulation and programming
  • 3D design of gripping tools
  • Production kickoff

Peripheral automation services:

  • Communication
  • Drive
  • 2D/3D industrial vision

Machine safety services:

  • Safety PLC
  • Secure enclosure

Our specific areas of activity

  • Computer- or gesture-reproduction trajectory generation
  • Flexible and mobile collaborative robotics suitable for VSEs/SMEs (Loading/unloading of several machines, e.g.: bending machine, machining center, injection mold, etc.)
  • AGV-AGR module

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